Pitch Analyzer 2016 R1 Features

Pitch Analyzer

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Strike-Ball Counter

Counts the total number of all calculated strikes and balls and displays their percentages for the current session.

Sky View

Displays an overhead view of the pitches flight path as the ball crosses home plate.

Virtual Strike Zone

A virtual strike zone which the program uses to determine strikes and balls. Strikes will highlight the strike zone green, while balls will highlight it red.

Multipitch Menu

The multipitch menu allows for users to see the locations of all thrown pitches. It also allows users to toggle the virtual strike zone and pitch flight paths on and off.

Replay Menu

Can't get enough of that nasty off speed pitch you just threw? The replay menu allows users to step through any video frame by frame forwards and backwards so you can enjoy your best pitches over and over again.

Velocity Menu

The velocity menu displays the fastest, slowest, and overall average velocities of all analyzed pitches for the current analysis session.

Session Menu

The session menu displays all imported video files for the current analysis session. Toggle the pitch data tab to view a summary table of all analyzed pitches for the current session. Select a pitch in the data tab to highlight a pitch when displaying the multipitch.

Pitch Analyzer 2016 R1 Real Time Analysis

To use our Real Time Analysis feature you're going to need a few things. See below for what we support at the moment.
Camera: GoPro
Frame Grabber: StarTech USB 3.0


For iPhone users, we are currently working on bringing Pitch Analyzer 2016 R1 to your mobile device so stay tuned!

Pitch Analyzer Dashboard





Once an analysis session has been completed, the results of that sessions can be uploaded and stored in our online database. This database can be accessed to see a player's progression over time. Statistics such as strike to ball ratio, average pitch velocity, and a heat map of analyzed pitches and their location relative to a strike zone can be seen.