With the successful launch  of both Pitch and Hit Analyzer on mobile you may be asking yourself, "It would be really awesome to upload these stats to the cloud...". Well, say no more! The developers at PA Software have also come to the same conclusion and would like to announce work has begun on Skybox. Skybox is a comprehensive cloud database capable of housing all the uploaded data from our mobile apps. The only way an athlete can judge performance is to compare growth metrics over an extended time period which is why we aim to provide the most unique, in depth statistical evaluation of your game. Progress announcements will be made regularly so be sure to follow us on social media and check in on our website regularly.Skybox will allow users to view, and compare uploaded sessions. It will provide users with a simple, clean interface that allows them to get to the information they find most important. Remember, we aren't waiting around for the future of the game, we're developing it.